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    Saving for a Vacation

    Earlier this year, I really wanted to avail one of the Disney vacation packages offered for Hong Kong. I opted to save and go there just to experience going outside our country. But, I decided that it would be nice if my children and I are able to go there together. It would be sad if my kids are left behind. Anyway, since I can’t afford to avail it for me and my children this year, I decided to start saving for the 2012. Maybe by that time, there would still be many Disney vacation packages and probably much cheaper. My only hope is that I could start saving!! Hits:…

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    Child Dedication and First Birthday

    My daughter Bella Grace just turned 6 months a few weeks ago. As of this moment, I am already thinking about her child dedication and her first birthday. I am already brainstorming of probable ideas on what to do during these events in her life. Anyway, I already checked out ideas for her invitations and even saw cute ideas from the first communion invitations I saw online minus the other graphics of course. Now, I have to finalize the date of her dedication and where it should be held. I also need to have a fix budget on the food catering. I think I could save more if I start…

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    I have been a fulltime blogger for almost two years now. It also means I haven’t been contributing to required government contributions such as SSS and PhilHealth. Well, I really wanted to do so under the self-employed category but I ended up contributing none just like how I wanted to have my own life insurance policy. Anyway, I am planning to restore my contributions this April 2010. I just hope I will be able to do so despite all the financial obligations we have. Wish us luck!! Hits: 54 229Shares229    

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    Personalized Giveaways

    Though I don’t collect them, I am really fond of getting corporate giveaways especially during store openings or Christmas holidays. Oftentimes I was able to grab ball pens, bags, fans, face towel, etc. I find them cute and a real nice way of advertising their products and services. Anyway, I have found a new customize giveaway. Well, I don’t have one yet but hopefully I will be able to get one. I am referring to custom koozies. If you haven’t seen one, check out the images below: Aren’t they adorable?? I want to own one. I just don’t know where to get it here at our place. Any ideas? Hits:…