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    The Certified Movie Buff

    Did you know that this mommy is a certified movie buff? If not, now you know! As you can see, I created a blog called, The Movie Mommy. Watching movies is like my hobby or passion. If other people have travel, kikay, and food blog for their passion, I have a movie blog! Update, I don’t have that blog anymore. I do movie blogging here or in my other blogs. And because I like watching movies, I love to do it almost every week especially if I like the movies shown on the local big screen cinemas. Of course, since it entails big bucks to watch movies on the big…

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    Body Reactions to Stress and Pressure

    Aside from looking old, one of the downfalls of being stressed is experiencing minor to severe acne breakouts. Sometimes our hormonal balances changes when our body is subject to pressure and stress. When I am stressed, I suffer minor acne breakouts, old looking face and massive hair fall. That is how my body reacts with pressure and stress. How about you? How does your body react to stress and pressure? Do suffer the same way? 51 total views, no views today Hits: 81

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    Child Cancer Awareness

    When I heard about Layla Grace, she has already gone to heaven to play with the angels last March 9, 2010. She was two years old. She suffered from Stage IV Neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer who has children as victims. Through her story, I met few children who are currently suffering from Neuroblastoma, brain tumors and cranial deformities. I saw pictures of babies lying on the hospital bed with tubes attached to their bodies, finger pulse oximeter at their little fingers, and many other medical gadgets. Their stories moved me so much that I cry every time I visit their FAN pages at Facebook or blogs. It made me think…

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    Look Older Than My age

    Maintaining a lot of blogs is very stressful and brain draining. You need a lot of will power just to update all blogs. And because it’s stressful, I think I need an anti aging face cream. They say stress can make you look old. Every time I take a look of my face in front of the mirror, I no longer see a 30 year old lady but 45 year old woman. Exaggerating? Well, kind of, but honestly, I am really old looking if you base it on my age. Poor me! 69 total views, no views today Hits: 59