• Musings

    Time Flies So Fast

    Last year at this precise moment, I still remember myself taking some prenatal vitamins my OB doctor prescribed. But last Saturday, my sweet baby has been dedicated to the Lord together with her godparents and friends as witnesses. Looking at my baby made me realize that time really flies nowadays. When I first saw her in our room at the hospital, she was just a tiny bundle. Now, she is a baby bundled with joy!! By the way, here are some photos from her Child Dedication service.

  • Health

    What is an Eczema?

    Have you encountered eczema? Well, if you have no idea what eczema is, please check out the photo below of a baby suffering from eczema. According to Wiki, eczema is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). It is commonly seen as a red scaly spot on the skin. What are eczema causes? According to studies, there are several causes of eczema and one of this is weather. Lack of moisture in the air makes the skin dry. Another cause is stress and anxiety, if one is suffering from it, it causes some adverse side effects and one of these is eczema.…