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    Negative for Them, Positive for Me

    Rainbowism is South Africa has a negative connotation. This is a political term they used to call the cover up done on true domestic issues of the country such as the legacy of racism, crime and such. They say that these issues have been glossed over and ‘sugar-coated’ by the rainbow of peace. Though rainbowism has a negative connotation, for me it has a different meaning. For me, it is an understanding in my inner self that there is always a rainbow after a rain. Meaning, life can be a bitch sometimes but we know that every after problem we encounter, there is always peace and happiness. Life is now…

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    Bella Grace Kit for Digital Scrapbook Lovers

    Do you love digital scrapping? Do you have a daughter? Well, why not download this beautiful digital scrapping kit made by the talented designers Mye De Leon, JennCK Designs, Lorie M Designs, Spinky Dink Scraps, Danimoy Designs, eNKay Design, and Mandy King. This digital scrapping kit was made as charity collaboration for Bella Grace, my baby girl who had undergone hernia surgery last August 2010. Percentage of the sales goes to Bella Grace. You can avail of this kit from online stores GOTTA PIXEL and SCRAPBOOK BYTES for only $5.99 only! Hits: 137 229Shares229    

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    Want to Sleep at Night

    I was browsing my Facebook account when I saw a friend of mine shared a link from Yahoo Health. The article was about staying up late or sleeping less can cause a person to gain weight. So if you sleep less, there is a hormone that your body produces that instead of burning fat, it stores them to your body and therefore the person gains weight. Now, it made me ponder, maybe this is the reason why I am gaining weight because I sleep less. That is why I wanted to take natural sleeping aid because I am already having a hard time sleeping at night even if I already…

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    Domain Registration Service

    Hello readers! I am glad to be back here. After we experience the tropical storm Ondoy here in the Philippines just last September 26. It was hard and heart breaking seeing my countrymen in pain and their house washed with the flood and left mud. Until now, we haven’t move on but little by little we are rising and trying to get back to normal. Please, pray for our country. Thank you. Moving on, I’ve been thinking to buy a new domain to replace this one but I am still finding a company who has a great service when it comes to domain registration. I want to find a reliable…