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    Cheap 7″ WinCE Netbook

    I have wanted to buy a laptop computer of my own. Unfortunately, the money to buy that laptop is unavailable. I couldn’t afford laptops that are priced from 15K and above! But the problem is, all laptops priced 15K and above are the good ones. Those that are priced 15K below are either used ones or those made from China. Anyway, I have been checking out 7” WinCE Netbook. It’s priced around 4500 to 5500 pesos. They say this netbook is capable of WIFI connection, Yahoo Messaging, Facebook games and can even play YouTube videos. It doesn’t run Microsoft Word but it has a document processor of its own. So…

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    One Big Family

    Now my sister is here with us. I am very happy. We know now that she is safe and mom is not worrying anymore. But when my sister arrived, she brought with her a 3 year old dog. She said that this dog was the only family she has when she was in Manila away from us. And since we have two dogs now, I am planning to make an improvise dog bed. I think our dogs need a place to rest up their weary bodies from guarding when we are asleep or not at home. I am not a dog person but I am a pet person and so…

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    Diamonds International

    Have you visited the site Diamonds International? If not, I guess it won’t do you harm if you do and visit the site. They have awesome diamonds for sale. Though I couldn’t afford to buy diamonds, seeing one makes me appreciative of its value and beauty. They have elegant cuts and smashing diamonds. Aside from that, they also have elegant timepieces with diamonds on board! How I wish I would be able to afford one someday? Diamonds definitely look good on women especially like women like me! LOL! Hits: 110 229Shares229    

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    Ordering Books Online

    I love reading books. So far, I have a handful of them in my possession. But unlike other booklovers, I don’t read much about novels and pocket books. I am more of a person who love to read self-help books that relates with family, parenting, marriage, business and personality development. You might call me insecure about myself but I love to read books that would improve life. I always believe that when you read something, you must always benefit it! Since I plan to add books into my collections, I just visited Amazon books. I have several titles in mind but I have been apprehensive whether or not the books…