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    Job Well Done!

    My life has been a trailing whirlwind of problems. Sometimes, I questioned myself on how I was able to survive with all of the difficulties I have experienced. But one thing I am sure, I think I need the best selling wrinkle cream to help me out!! The stresses I have experienced both emotionally and physically are contributing to my pre-mature aging. I am developing wrinkles already even if I haven’t reached my mid-30s. Anyway, I am hoping that life would be great in the next couple of years. I am hoping that there would be a rainbow after all the storms I have experienced. Somewhere, somehow, I believe there…

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    Helping Fellow SAHMs

    When school started, my friend was busy selling address labels for students. They printed colourful figures particularly cartoons into stickers together with the name, address and the contact number of the students. As for me, I ordered a couple of her address labels because I know my children needed them for their books and notebooks. Though I was capable of printing my own, I decided to order from her. Her works are very nice and the fact that I am supporting a fellow stay at home mommy, I don’t mind paying for it! Hits: 117 229Shares229    

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    Beauty Talk

    In the past, that means when I was younger, I was also concerned with beauty. I mean, like when I go out, I would put on mascara, pressed powder, and some lipstick to look vibrant and fresh. I also carefully choose my clothes so that I look and feel sexy without actually being too revealing. When I turned 30, things changed though. The concern for beauty took on a new route. I have to be concerned for beauty but this time it is not just about looking pretty. It is now to preserve youth or at least to hinder the signs of ageing from becoming more apparent on my face.…

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    The Fastest Way to Sell Your House

    Sure you don’t want to deal with a middle man when selling a house. Having another man in the middle of transaction will just make the whole process more painstakingly longer. Of course, with all honesty, you want to have a transaction with a direct buyer. So if your line is “I want to sell my house fast and easy,” then get rid of the middle man and do business with a direct buyer. To make the process even faster, you need a good place to market the house you are selling. So how do you market your house? You may want to think of publishing on local newspapers. Starting…