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    Cheap and Luxury Hotels

    When my husband and I went to a short vacation out of town, we stayed in a budget inn. We couldn’t afford to stay in the hotel where my husband’s company had their Christmas party so we decided to look for a cheaper one. Thought the budget inns we stayed where not like those luxury New York City hotels we see in the movies but they were enough for us to rest our weary bodies. We stayed most of the time at the luxury hotel for my husband’s Christmas party. Since we were mostly there, it was like we stayed and slept there too! Hits: 417 229Shares229    

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    Home Renovation

    My husband and I are planning to have some renovations at our old house. We plan to make it as comfortable as possible since the time we were gone, the place was rented out and got too old. He said he wanted to change the flooring and install some tiles. He mentioned that he wanted a glass mosaic tile or something similar so that the floor would look clean. As for me, having tiled floor is perfect, but since our budget is not that big, I am already comfortable with our old floor. I think re-painting the walls and having our own CR would be enough already. I also told…

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    IT Jobs

    If technology was affordable to me when I was in college, I would have taken an IT course instead of Civil Engineering. I love working and tinkering my computer that somehow getting IT jobs would feel like work but more on a hobby. But since my parents were not that rich, they couldn’t afford getting me my own personal computer with higher specifications or a laptop. Back in college, I even needed to do projects for others so that I could fund my own projects. Anyway, I don’t blame my parents or regretted not getting an IT course. I am still thankful that my parents were able to send me…

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    Disbursement of Funds

    Every time my husband goes to an official business trip for their company, he is always required to do a cash advance for his travel fund. After the trip, he would then liquidate all his expenses and submit them to their accounting department including the receipts and other proofs. While I was working, we only do cash advances for personal financial needs but when we travel, we use our Revolving Fund. The company gave me 5000 pesos as my fund. So I spend it when I go for an official business trip and when after the trip is done, I also submit all my receipts and proofs. Then once validated,…