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    Avoiding Premature Aging

    I was preparing to go out earlier today for the Earth Hour observance of a nearby mall so I sat right in front of my dresser. I was trying to decide whether or not I should apply a dash of make-up or just go to the venue bare-faced. The verdict? I went out with a dab of make-up. I did so because I noticed tiny crow’s feet around my eyes and I wanted to conceal them. I think I need to start using anti-wrinkles now to prevent the crow’s feet from worsening. Maybe I should try skincell vial #29-A. They say that it’s the most effective wrinkle cream in the…

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    What to Keep in Mind Before Taking OxyElite Pro

    Have you ever heard of OxyElite Pro? It’s a fat burner that’s fast gaining ground in the weight loss scene. A lot of people who have taken it attest to its effectiveness. So if you are trying to lose weight you might want to check out its functions and also some of the cons related to taking it. This way, you’ll know your options. If you’re after a fat burner that gives you increased energy if your appetite is sort of suppressed, then OxyElite Pro is for you. You can take it to supplement your workout regimen. However, you must know that it contains high levels of caffeine. That means…

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    There is Such a Thing as Light Cigar

    When I say cigar, what comes to your mind? You probably start thinking of Marlon Brando in The Godfather huh? There’s something about cigars that conjure images of strong men, men who don’t get swayed easily. It’s probably because cigars are often known to be very potent. Its nicotine content is very powerful. But what if I tell you that there is a cigar that’s very light and has a mild flavor? Would you believe me? Well, you should because there is such a thing. Macanudo is one of them. It’s a cigar brand that’s produced in the Dominican Republic and is noted for its mild flavor. Also, unlike other…

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    Status Quo for Smokers

    Every time I see a person puffing Cohiba cigars or any cigars for that matter, I always have the impression that this person might be rich. Actually, I always have this impression that cigar smokers are rich because of the movies I have watched. Most cigar smokers are reflected as Dons or Hacienderos. You will not see those smoking plain cigarettes in movies. Anyway, I am not sure if my impressions are true but most of the time cigars are equated to rich people. Have you noticed that too? It seems that cigars and cigarettes also emphasize a status quo for smokers. Hits: 74 229Shares229