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    How to Manually Add a Google +1 on Your Blog?

    Now that you have heard about Google +1 and how this could help your search engine rankings among your friends, family and others. Isn’t it nice to have a Google +1 widget on your blog? So the next question is… how to manually add Google +1 on your blog or site? Well, there are many plugins right now but nothing beats the old school way of doing it right? 😀 Here are some simple instructions on how to do about it… 1. Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/index.html Create your custom Google +1 button. Copy the code. 2. Login to your blog (WordPress or Blogger). Make a new widget on your sidebar. Paste…

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    The Birthday that Was

    Yesterday was my birthday and for some people, I am officially considered out of the calendar age because I am already 32 years old. Well, I felt physically old but I still think I am young at heart and forever will be. :p Anyway, this is how my birthday went… Early morning, my daughter Micah and my son David woke me up and greeted me a happy birthday. Then when I said thank you, my daughter handed me this fashion bracelet. The cost was 28 pesos only but mind you… my daughter put an effort in getting it. She asked her grandma to help her buy the bracelet. She planned…

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    Gifts for Men

    Sometimes we find ourselves wondering what to give some important men, like our clients. These men could be managers or presidents and have quite a different lifestyle from us. Find out what they like and it would be good to follow that route in choosing gifts for them. For example, if they smoke cigars, find out what their brand is and where to buy cigars that are of good quality. You want to give them the best so that your relationship will be improved and not ruined because of poorly chosen gifts. We need to be careful in these matters because one wrong gift could mean our jobs. Hits: 55 229Shares229    

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    The Sport of the Rich

    Some people say that raising horses is for the rich because if you are only a millionaire, that is not enough to support one horse. You have to be a multi-millionaire to support at least one horse on the ranch. That is why the sport of equestrian is also for the rich. Not everyone can train to become a rider. And equestrian riding apparel is little bit pricey especially those that were created by designers. Horses are the interest of the rich and for the common people, it is already a dream come true if you get to ride a horse at the park. Hits: 147 229Shares229