• Parenting

    Pregnancy and Birth in the US

    The infographic below fascinates me. I have three kids and they all have years of gaps between them. But if you look closely in the data below, in US alone, 1 person is born every 7.4 seconds! So I guess there are a lot of women getting pregnant and giving birth even if they apply a minimum two years gap per child, think about population explosion!! Click here for larger image Go to www.SonogramTechnician.org for similar resources

  • Musings

    Braided Metal Hose

    In my knowledge, braided metal hose are flexible, high pressured and stainless steel covered hose. In which we really don’t have this in our home. But my husband use to talk about it and it is usually applied on fuel transfer. Or in the case of my husband’s work, it is use in the lube oil system on their Geothermal Power Plant. Braided metal hose comes in a variety that meets or exceeds even the most rigorous service condition that industries usually demands.