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    Before You Travel

    Travel by RV can be much fun. You have everything you need with you and you can rest anytime and sleep where you are. It is exciting to go from end to end because you get to see the sights as you go on. With the digital camera and the power of computers and wifi, blogging about your trip is very much feasible on a daily basis, even as when something happens at the moment. This is a trip that is fun for the whole family. Be aware, though, that anything can happen with you or your RV. For assurance, apply for roadside assistance before you actually go on your…

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    Personalized Picture Puzzle from Piczzle!!

    Last Saturday was our 12th Wedding Anniversary and we had one of the most memorable dates ever! But I am not going to talk about our date but how we started the first hours of our anniversary day. What so important? Well, nothing really except the fact that my husband and I played a puzzle! Not an ordinary game puzzle but a 100 pieces puzzle that has our faces on it!! Yep, that is right!! We celebrated the first hours of our 12th Wedding Anniversary Day solving a 100 pieces puzzle of our face!! Thanks to Piczzle!! Hits: 413 229Shares229    

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    Dreaming of Making It Big

    Are you one musician who aspires to make it big? Dream on. Harnessing your talent and staying focused on being the best could take you far. Of course, choosing for a good quality musical instrument is important both when you are starting and as you go on with your career. If you are a guitarist and is multi-talented enough to play music of different genre, it would be challenging to settle for one instrument only, since you could end up buying different guitars. Well, any known musician always have at least more than one instrument but if, for starters, you only have a budget for one, you could choose Ibanez…