• Travel

    It’s Not Always a Hut

    I love the sea! Well, who doesn’t love white sand and the blue waves? There is something about going to the seaside and experiencing the beauty of the sea. The whole experience can refresh you. As you spend time by the sea or on the beach, it can be quite a cool experience as well to do so in a Cabana. This is the small hut with a thatch roof. But cabanas are not always found by the sea. There is also Cabana application for one’s mobile. I also know of beaches using Cabana as its name or part of its name. It’s quite interesting really that Cabana also refers…

  • Musings

    Gifts and Surprises

    A number of friends I have are wishing to get either a tablet or a laptop for a gift these days. The younger ones are also quick to say that they would love to have the latest mobile phone. Well, some others are just saying that they are quite content to be surprised with their favorite chocolate or the latest best selling book. On my end, I would not mind getting a new laptop myself. A hand bag would also be much appreciated. Other blogger friends are telling me that they would prefer to receive usa gifts any time. Well, let’s see who gets to receive first their desired gift…

  • Musings

    Passionate Yoyo Player

    As for any hobby, it can be merely “in passing” or it can be a passion. The good thing about passion is you can be very good at what you are passionate about. Yoyo playing can start from childhood. It can stop there or continue into adulthood. You can know a few tricks or you can end up making your own tricks that they even become a point of consideration when it comes to various yoyo contests. If you think you really enjoy it then it is time to get your favorite at yoyojam. Most of them have been designed by real passionate players too. Hits: 132 229Shares229    

  • Health

    101 Ideas For A Healthy Lifestyle

    There is no magic recipe for living a healthy lifestyle. Rather, it is a series of daily choices. Additionally, the term “health” can be understood as a holistic word that encompasses all parts of your being including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Below are some helpful suggestions to get you started on your journey to better health. Mental Health – These ideas keep your brain engaged, thus increasing mental clarity and alertness. 1. Put together a jigsaw puzzle 2. Complete a crossword puzzle or word game such as Scrabble 3. Solve a number puzzle such as Sudoku 4. Read a book and discuss it with a friend 5. Learn to…