• Musings

    Destressing Through Beading

    Are you someone who is prone to getting stress levels high? If you cannot control it, it will ultimately control you and give you more pain than relief (you know that kind of relief when you let your voice out by shouting at someone you are really mad at). I am suggesting the quiet kind of destressing. Something you can do without harming the nerves of other people and channel your stress over to them. Try beading. Good for male and female, young and once young. Try beading. Let your imagination flow and create your own design while you destress yourself by stringing Pewter beads or those you made yourself.

  • Technology

    Wanting to Have a New Gadget

    There are so many gadgets and gizmos that I am so tempted to buy. There is the black berry tablet which I find very cool and amazing, there are iPads too, even the latest smartphones. Everyday they just seem to get more advanced and when you buy one today, it feels like you have to have another one again because in just a few months, there will be new versions with more remarkable features. Owning the not-so-latest phone makes you feel like your outdated when everybody else is posting photos taken with their latest phone models and all. It is really so tempting, but I guess all these will have…