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    Review: Children and Divorce Film

    Before I start, I would like to inform everyone that in my country, the Philippines, we don’t have any divorce law here but it doesn’t change the fact that families are splitting through personal decisions, annulment or even by legal separation. Children are always affected thus making us wonder how we could make things better for them. Aside from that, I am not an avid fan of broken families but as for my personal experience, I am now currently separated and am planning to file an annulment in the near future. This made me want to know how I can help my children cope up with the idea of having…

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    Looking for Quality Printing Services?

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    Enjoying Wrestling Matches Online

    I am not very sporty but once in awhile I watch boxing or wrestling matches online. Both sports are very interesting and involve lots of techniques, strategies and strength on the part of the players. Speed is important too, and lots of air to endure long fights. In some schools, wrestling and boxing are optional courses for some students. It’s a bit risky especially for young children, so the coaches have to be very careful no one gets hurt or injured. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to enroll my boy in a wrestling class someday. It’s definitely one thing that needs careful thought. If ever I will,…

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    Get Children Interested In Literature

    It may seem unlikely in the eyes of a child, but reading will reap the benefits in the long run when it comes to taking exams and finding employment. The earlier you are able to introduce your child to the world of literature, the better. Knowledge is power and by reading, children can unlock the key to that power by enveloping vast amounts of information as well as uncovering the secrets of different cultures. When you’re younger, there is a certain stigma attached to reading, claiming that the act is mundane, boring and a waste of time. This is where kid’s audio-books come into the picture as they are able to add a healthy…