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    5 Simple Kitchen Upgrades to Make Today

    The kitchen is a very important room in the house. You use it to spend time with family over delicious and healthy meals. You perform daily tasks in the kitchen, such as doing homework or paying bills. And you use it for entertaining guests. Because of its constant use, and because kitchens add the most equity to your home, you should try to keep your kitchen as updated as you possibly can. While some kitchen renovations will cost a small (or large) fortune, there are some smaller upgrades you can make on your own that are less expensive, yet still make your kitchen that much better. So don’t worry about calling…

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    Youngest Daughter for Lemon Kiss

    Just like what I have mentioned in my main blog, all my children have different preferences when it comes to way they dress. My youngest prefers wearing dresses. She said princesses always wear a dress. Since she is a princess, in our own kingdom of course, she should be wearing dresses too. Lately, we were given the privilege to avail one dress from Lemon Kiss Clothing. She personally chose one from their Facebook Fan Page but unfortunately, the design is not available as of the moment. Instead, they sent us this cute dress. So, what do you think of the dress? Does it make my youngest look like a princess?