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    National Handwriting Day

    Since I started working online, there are only few instances in my life that I am required to write using pen and paper. Probably that is the reason why my penmanship became bad to worst. Today, as we celebrate National Handwriting Day, I opted to share a quote in my very own penmanship! January 23 – National Handwriting Day

  • Musings

    Awesome 2015

    I don’t remember doing an annual blog review but I do remember that I made a post about how my memorable 2014 went by. So, I decided to make another one for 2015. What happened in 2015? Being a self-proclaimed geek, I started my  collection in 2015. I bought my first FUNKO POP Olaf in January. As the months passed, I bought several more. To date, I have 10. Not enough to say it’s a collection, but I am getting there. In our local bloggers organization (CDO Bloggers, Inc.), I was elected at the VP for Internal Affairs for 2015. I took charge on membership. I had a great time…