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    Can Obesity Really Be Prevented?

    One of the world’s biggest and most dangerous pandemics is that of obesity. It is the first time that a non-infectious disease has been classed as a pandemic since records began. This does mean that managing obesity is now a priority for health departments across the world, not in the least because the obese are becoming increasingly young. Some Data According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 50% of people in this country is now overweight. 25% is obese. Unfortunately, these numbers are growing and they are no longer a problem solely for our country. While Europe fares better, 30% are overweight and 12% are obese. Even in France, a…

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    Davao Celebrates Financial Freedom with Sunlife

    As a fitting start to the new year, the “#LiveFreePH Freedom Tour” made a stop in Davao City to continue its financial freedom rally. From January 24 to 30, Davaoenos were treated to educational booths, exciting promos, and a free concert featuring Sun Life father-son ambassadors Piolo and Inigo Pascual. Beginning the Journey A string of activities guided participants to begin their own #LiveFreePH journey. In a bold move, they declared their vision of financial freedom with the “Live Free Freedom Wall.” Then they looked at their current situation, shared their outlook about the future, and pledged support to a community in need through BLISS or “Brighter Life Index: Social Sentiment.” And by joining the “Sun…