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    A Tranquil Night of Relaxation and Quiet is Waiting for You

    Is life in the fast land getting you down? Are you longing to spend a peaceful night of quiet relaxation far from the city? Are you worried that you simply aren’t getting enough rest? If you’re ready for some R&R outside of the office, you might be thinking about taking some vacation days and heading out to the wilds of Texas, or maybe even Yellowstone. But did you know that you don’t have to go anywhere near that far to get away from it all? Were you aware that there’s a place right here in Oklahoma where you can go to find peace? A New Series Of Classic Cabins Is…

  • 7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe
    Parenting,  Technology

    7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe

    You want to bring your kids up to be well-adjusted adults, but you face more challenges than ever before as a parent. The news is often filled with bizarre stories and it’s easy to get paranoid. On one hand, you want your kids to be outgoing and friendly and, on the other hand, there are many strange people around who take advantage of a child’s innocent, trusting nature. What’s more many of these connections might be made online without your awareness. This can happen even if you monitor your child’s accounts because you can’t expect to read everything they write and share with their friends online.   While it’s generally…