• Doe Deere

    Doe Deere Is Making Big Life Changes Which Involves New Baby, Business

    Doe Deere is known for a lot of things. When most people see her out in public, they’re struck by her beauty. Deere has always been someone who isn’t afraid to say who she is and live boldly with her makeup. That’s because she understands that she’s in control of her body and she can do whatever she wants that makes her feel good. Deere treats makeup as an art form which is why she can constantly be seen rocking bold hair and bright lips. Deere isn’t just known for her love of makeup, she’s known for the way she revitalized the beauty industry. Deere founded Lime Crime because she…

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    5 Tips for Deciding on a Business Idea that You’ll Love

    You have probably heard it said that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. If you are discontent with your current position but cannot find employment in a field that excites you, perhaps you have considered starting your own business. This way, you are your own boss, and you can shape your endeavor into whatever you want it to be. What if you do not know what you are passionate about, though? The world seems full of people happily running successful craft businesses, unique restaurants, art galleries, and more—meanwhile, you don’t exactly have an idea that you are in love with, but you…

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    4 Steps To Attracting Customers To Your Small Business

    You can launch a small business and be selling useful products or services, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to notice you or want to spend their money with you. What you have to do is proactively work on attracting customers to your small business. Sitting back and hoping that individuals become interested in what you’re up to is only setting yourself up for disappointment. Unfortunately, there are simply too many competitors and other companies out there that are waiting to steal your customers away from you. You have to be willing to step up and work hard to win over and keep new business coming your way.…