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33 Weeks Pregnant with Bella Grace


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Just lately, I am experiencing mild toothache. I guess this is a symptom that my baby is in need of more calcium to strengthen her bones as she is absorbing mine. Anyway, I don’t mind that she is taking what she needs from me since as a mom that is my obligation to provide what she needs. Besides, I am planning to bug my dentist to give me dental care discounts and ask my doctor for calcium supplements to replace what I lost.

To give you a little update on Bella Grace, she is now 33 weeks. According to www.baby2see.com, here are the developments she has right now:
* The baby is now 4.4 pounds (2 kg) and around 17.5 inches (44cm) in length.
• The diameter of the head is about 8.5cm.
• The baby fuzz, lanugo, is disappearing.
• Your baby drinks about a pint of amniotic fluid a day.
• You may gain a pound a week (500g) for the rest of your pregnancy.
• Half of your weight gain will go directly to your baby.

The baby is using its lungs to practice breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid. Your baby is drinking about a pint of amniotic fluid a day now and urinating the same amount. The early baby fuzz, lanugo, is disappearing now and being replaced by actual hair. The nails of your baby are now long enough to reach to the tip of the fingers or beyond and may need trimming as soon as they are born. They may scratch their face even before birth.

You may gain a pound a week for the rest of your pregnancy. Do not stop eating or start skipping meals as your weight increases. Both you and your baby need the calories and nutrition you receive from a healthy diet. Calcium intake is extremely important during pregnancy because the baby will draw calcium from the mother to make and harden bone. This can greatly weaken her own bones and teeth because the developing fetus will take minerals from the mother’s skeletal structure as needed.

Now that my tummy is already on its eight month, I am getting excited to face another bundle of joy in my life. Well, not only me but the whole family is looking forward in meeting the newest member!


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noypi August 8, 2009 - 10:50 pm


poshpost August 10, 2009 - 11:17 am

mommy, indi lang si baby bella need calcium. ikaw gid ya. dapat ma calcium supplements ka na gid and drink milk. 😀 excited man kami for u.

giftstothephilippines August 10, 2009 - 2:07 pm

brest feeding is still best for baby up to 2 years


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