46% Jealous


Another marriage brawl happened over the weekend; my hubby told me that I was just being “too” jealous that is why I always pick a fight with him. Well, jealous or not, I think I have the every right to get mad (even him, but I think he doesn’t have a heart) or need some sort of security. After all that happened with us, I can’t help it but felt suspicious when every time he contacts me – he always needs money!Oh well, I gave him an audit of his expenses for one month and told him he already spent 90% of his salary and left us (his family) 10% only. He got angry and wouldn’t reason with me. I guess communicating with text messages is useless. That is why my need to go there and show him some visual proofs is important. I hope it would help talk senses into his brain.

About the jealousy matter, I found a quiz at and took a quiz about it. I answered the question with great honestly and my result says I am normal.

You Are 46% Jealous

You’re a fairly jealous person, but it’s nothing to beat yourself up about.

A little jealousy is perfectly normal, though sometimes you take it a little far.

Recognize when jealousy is taking over your life, and try to hold back your impulses.

You’ll be a better (and happier) person for it!

How Jealous Are You?
Anyway, I don’t put my marriage or my life in general for that matter with these quizzes. I just take them for sheer enjoyment and release of some stress lurking in me.

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