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5 Affordable GrabFood Meals for Busy People Like Me

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Preparing food for myself or my family on time has become a tedious task for someone who works two jobs a day, does some side hustles, and goes to online school during weekends. There are times that we eat our meals late.

Good thing my parents are around to help me, and if they are very busy, I have no choice but to do it myself or ask my older kids to cook if they don’t have class work. But when everyone is busy, I am glad to have a reliable food ordering app to use with just a few taps on my mobile phone – GrabFood!

Ordering our meals via GrabFood is smooth and affordable. With their GrabFood Everyday Value Meals, I get to order food and drinks starting at P99!

Here are some of my favorite Everyday Value Meals from GrabFood:

1. Sinuglaw from Dinah’s Fudhaus – P120

2. Chicken Lugaw from Siew Gao – P85

3. Shawarma Rice from JM Shawarma – P98

4. Large Fried Chicken with Rice from Jeddy Fried Chicken – P75

5. Tiger Oreo Cheesecake from Tiger Bubble Tea – P125

With meals and drinks starting at P99, these GrabFood Everyday Value Meals are easy on the budget and ideal for busy people like me.

If you haven’t tried ordering these affordable meals from GrabFood, I invite you to download the app now and try it! To find these value meals, you need to:

  1. Go to the GrabFood app.
  2. Click the Starts at P99 tile.
  3. Search for the food that you want. Easy!

By the way, always check the app every day. They have different promos that you can enjoy daily!

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Cookie October 4, 2022 - 5:32 pm

Very yummy foods. will try to order shawarma rice and tiger oreo cheesecake 🙂


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