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5 Reasons to Invest in Premium Food for Dogs


A trend in the last couple of years, purchasing premium food for dogs has pet owners all curious as to the accompanying benefits. The idea remains to buy costly foods than you’re used to over the regular kind owing to associated perks which save you money and improve your dog’s well-being.

Before understanding the importance of investing in premium foods, let’s know the difference between regular and premium foods like Acana dog food. It’s all down to ingredients.

Premium Food for Dogs

1. Ingredients

As earlier mentioned, ingredients are the main difference perk of selected dog food. While a good number of pet foods contain the minimum nutritional standards and accomplish this by way of by-products, additives, and fillers, which don’t add significant value.

Consequently, your dog takes in empty calories to obtain essential nutrition by feeding on regular foods. In the long run, despite the lower price, you end up buying additional quantities to make up for low nutrients. Additionally, the majority of base nutrients cause allergies and health problems, which translate to veterinary bills.

Additional perks from offering top canine foods include; healthier weight, as it feeds less while gaining more nutrients.

2. Increased Energy

Selected dog foods are a lot closer in maters composition to what man’s best friend was evolved to eat more so in the wild. Wild dogs require a high energy regimen to fuel their physical demands.

You’ll note your dog gets more playful upon taking in on a diet that’s a lot closer to what nature designed.

3. Reduced Allergies and Easier Digestion

Somewhat related to the earlier point, a dog that feeds as nature intended experiences less frequent digestion issues as the food comes as natural to him.

Likewise, the fewer additives in the dog’s food, the less probable they’d experience a reaction to any ingredient.

4. Value for Money

The price tag on premium food may at first seem hefty when taken on face value. However, this remains an inaccurate way of comprehending the real value for money offered by premium food. Instead, assessing the ‘cost per feed’ remains the most accurate method of calculating the correct feeding costs for your dog.

As earlier mentioned, non-premium food contains fewer calories, hence the need for pet owners to serve larger food volumes. Consider the number of servings you obtain per bag of premium feeds and compare to the same sized bag of lesser quality food.

5. Improved Immune

Animals are better off receiving the bulk of nutrients from nutritious food than from additives or supplements. When your dog gets all minerals and vitamins, he requires, fights off infections much better.

In Closing

Thanks to the mentioned benefits, it comes as no surprise that more than ever, veterinarians and professionals are advocating premium food for dogs as their choice. It’s time you gave it a go and see the marked effect of improved feeds on your dog.

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