6 Birthday Activities for Your Kid’s Birthday Party


Birthday parties are about celebrating in style and for children that means activities, games, food and laughter.  With so many ideas and inspiration on the web, it can be difficult to know what to opt for – will the theme be the right one? Will everyone have a great time? Will the food be OK?

It can be a minefield but luckily, there is plenty of help, advice and ideas out there

Here we have put together 6 great birthday activities for your kid’s birthday party:

  1. round the worldRound the World!

Having something different, especially for older children can be difficult but we think we have solved the problem with this great ‘round the world’ activity. It will take some planning and you will need some help from able and willing assistants, but there is no doubt this is a corker of an idea.

  • Invite your guests… and ask them to wear something that depicts another country; it can be clothing or accessories
  • Decorate the venue … use maps, globes and other accessories or colours that all mix with the idea of glob-trotting
  • The food… as well as the usual party food why not introduce some foods from other countries? Olives from the Mediterranean or a rice dish from Spain.
  • Activities… there are some great activities such as global twister where guests place their feet or hands on countries instead of colours.
  1. The Reverse Party!

Another great activity for a party is to do key moments in reverse! Older kids will love this especially from eating the birthday buffet under the table to having ‘Happy Birthday’ spelt backwards on the cake. Balloons can be hung upside down rather than the helium equivalent of bolt upright and there are also many games and activities you can do backwards: musical statutes, for example, can be the opposite with children dancing when the music is switched off!

  1. Crafts

Many parties are now having a theme to them that revolves around a main activity and being creative is just one idea. There are a hug number of ideas out there, all age appropriate and gender appropriate in some cases too; choose from creating your jewellery box, to colouring in a large play house to creating your own party t-shirt. For younger children, there are also a range of arts and craft ideas, but face painting is a popular choice.

  1. Music

Music at a party is never to be underestimated but, instead of opting for the limp disco (turn the music on, draw the curtains and leave them to it), base your games around music.

Younger children are not as self-conscious as adults and so karaoke is a great activity for any child’s party. Likewise, dancing games from the classic musical statutes to more modern equivalents are a great way of getting everyone involved.

Add more to this idea by…

  • Rolling out the red carpet – when guests arrive have them pose for photographs with the birthday boy and girl
  • For older children, introduce the idea of dressing in a certain era – old-fashioned flairs from the seventies and flowers in their hair will not be something completely alien children!
  1. Sports

Staging your own Birthday Olympics is a great way of having an active fun party for boys and girls. But don’t opt for running, high jumping or any other stomach-churning games after eating party food but more obscure ‘sports’ – apple bobbing, three-legged races through obstacles courses, balloon races are just a few ideas of the activities than can make a great child’s party.

Carry the theme on with decorations that have a sporting angle and why not ask your guests to arrive dressed as their favourite sporting hero?

Themed parties are a favourite with kids, from rescuing princess in towers to being the soldier with superpower

  1. Aliens

And finally, we think a theme often forgotten but always great for a few hours of wacky fun is aliens. Space still holds many endearing mysteries, with how an alien will look if we ever met one top of many a child’s list.

  • The party… everyone to come as an alien, the most outlandish will get a prize!
  • Face paint activities… children to get a makeover full of green and glitter, commonly associated with aliens
  • The food… keep the green theme going with the accessories, decorations and plates etc. but have a fun activity where children on a white place, draw or list their alien sandwich using as many different ingredients as they can!

These are just 6 birthday activities for your kid’s birthday party which we think are a great start. How would you change these ideas to match your child’s party and guests?

Can you think of any other quirky birthday party ideas and activities?

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