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6th and 7th Blog Awards

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I got this very “heartwarming” award from Mars. It’s just I am so emotional right now. After all the things that has been happening, many people have been there to make you feel bright and happy. Even though my blogger friends are faraway from me, they have made it to the point to show that they are always around no matter what.

This 5-Star Blog Award is given to a blogger whose blog is of highest classification.

A blog of excellence in the following criteria:
– content, design and style, informative and accomodating –

The 7th Award was given to me before (my 5th award). This is my second for “Biggest Heart Award.” The first was given to me by Nancy and now by Jenny and Gamay (both at the same time).

Guys! I don’t know how much to thank you. These things maybe considered by other people as childish but for me, it really means a lot. It makes me smile amidst all struggles. Little ways but has big impression to my life.

To Mars, Nancy and Jenny, I am sharing this awards to you again for you deserve this too!!

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Nancy February 1, 2008 - 4:23 am

hi ruby..

i also have received that award a couple of times and i am equally thankful to all the bloggers who kept on inspiring each one of us..

i wanna thank you also for the warm friendhip that u’ve shown to me..
stay blessed and happy… take care!


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