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7 Steps to Putting Together a Lovely Wet Bar in Your Home

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Entertaining your guests can be as simple as pulling out a few bowls of popcorn and Doritos, plus some cans of soda for them to enjoy. But why would you want to do just that if your college days are long gone and you’re the type who puts your best foot forward when entertaining your friends? The alternative on the other end of the spectrum, of course, is to have a very well put together wet bar that can serve as entertainment central for all the gatherings you’ll throw in your home henceforth.

If you aren’t sure about how to create the perfect wet bar, don’t worry. We’re here to provide you with a few helpful tips. Here are seven steps to piecing together the home bar of your dreams.

Find the Right Spot

Not all homes are the same in terms of floor space and architectural design. This is why it is important to determine the right spot where you will build your wet bar. Table heights can be anywhere from 35 inches to 42 inches, while the options for the bar’s size and configuration itself is virtually limitless. There are many areas in your home that can accommodate your bar, and this includes your family entertainment room, your basement, your garage, or even your yard, where the bar can serve as an accompaniment to your backyard deck or patio.

Make Provisions for Plumbing

Naturally, if you’re setting up a wet bar, you should also make proper provisions for plumbing and drainage. A wet bar differs from other kinds of bars in that it should have a sink and its users should have access to running water. These are important amenities for cleaning up spills and other messes. If you’re installing a kegerator or a few beer founts, you should also make sure to build a drainage system to take care of overflows.

Decide on a Theme

The theme or architectural style of your wet bar can depend entirely on your personal preferences. You can have a contemporary bar with nickel-tone fixtures or a stately bar with handsome wood and wrought-iron components. You can also have a traditional bar with an exposed red brick backsplash that harks back to the days of Prohibition-era speakeasies. Whatever you decide on, your wet bar should have a style that’s distinctively and discernibly you.

Decorate the Bar

Decorative elements also fall under the “what suits you best” category, but since you are building the wet bar particularly for the purpose of entertaining your guests or for you to have a place where you can relax after a long day, you want it to be as nice as possible. Consider installing a beautiful indoor wall fountain, which can be the centerpiece of your bar. It will also highlight the fact that your wet bar is an oasis where you can recharge and rehydrate after a tiring day at work or somewhere else. The sound of softly flowing water provided by this water feature will also serve to enhance the soothing, calming atmosphere in your home.

Get All the Bar Appliances You Need

Before purchasing the smaller items you need for your wet bar, it makes sense to get the big ones first. Appliances that are essential to smoothly run your bar include a wine cooler, a beverage refrigerator, an ice maker, a blender, and a kegerator for dispensing cold beer.

Purchase the Right Barware

Of course, your wet bar wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have the right barware that you can use to serve your drinks. Make sure that you have all important paraphernalia such as cocktail shakers, jiggers, muddlers, strainers, mixing spoons, mixing glasses, shot glasses, martini glasses, tumblers, mugs, stainless steel straws, coasters, and so on.

Collect Your Favorite Drinks

Finally, the most important aspect of building your own wet bar at home is stocking it up with drinks. Fill it up with items that are your personal favorites, as well as those that you know will be enjoyed by your guests or friends. Collect bottles of alcohol like gin, rum, vodka, tequila, bourbon whiskey, Scotch whiskey, wine, champagne, and beer, as well as mixers like soda, club soda, tonic water, and fruit juices.

A wet bar is an ultimate addition to any home. Not only does building one provide you with a special corner in your home where you can relax and entertain your guests, it can also help raise the value of your house in general. How about you? What does your dream home bar look like in your mind?

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