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A Call to #LiveBrighter with Sun Life Financial


It was two years ago that I posted about Davao celebrating financial freedom with Sun Life. Piolo Pascual and his son Inigo was there to have a mini-concert as a part of the “#LiveFreePH Freedom Tour,” a financial freedom rally sponsored by Sun Life. To be honest, I wished I was there. Learning about financial freedom from Sun Life and having Piolo Pascual is an event definitely worth going.

When my friend invited me to a Sun Life’s #LiveBrighter Forum, I was all giddy as I am expecting any of the Sun Life ambassadors as guests, but I was wrong. They invited people who have truly lived the brighter life with Sun Life Financial. Though there were no celebrities, I was still excited to finally hear about what financial freedom meant with Sun Life. After all, Sun Life is our country’s top company when it comes to premium income for 2017. Meaning, a lot of Filipinos have already trusted Sun Life as their financial partner.

The #LiveBrighter Forum was short and concise. It was direct to the point and factual. They didn’t even need to have a sales hoorah. The speakers based their discussion on actual facts and life experiences.

Ms. Eunice Michelle Aton

Ms. Eunice Michelle Aton, Regional Sales Manager of SUN LIFE FINANCIAL-Mindanao, gave an eyeopener for me. She mentioned the term sandwich generation. It means that this generation is trapped in between two generation. That is taking care of their growing children (younger) and also their parents (older). To be honest, this did strike me a bit. As Filipinos, we are often close-tied, that we often practice this. Parents don’t care about their future, because they always think that their children will take care of them when they are old. And I don’t want this for me and my children. I want to grow old, independent, and financially stable, but I realized that at a very late age.

As of the moment, I am currently nearing 40 and because I attended the forum, I learned that having financial stability can never be too late if you truly understand what it means. During the Q&A with the bloggers, I didn’t let the moment passed by. I asked about Sun Life and what products I can avail considering my situation. They answered me clearly, though it might be hard for some of their products, considering my age, they say it is not impossible. There is something for everyone regardless of age and lifestyle. That gave me hope!

Ms. Franchette Mejia

The next speaker was Ms. Franchette Mejia, Unit Manager of SUN LIFE FINANCIAL- Narra Branch, here in Cagayan de Oro City. She talked about her journey in becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor and now a Unit Manager. As a former teacher, she has found what financial freedom meant with Sun Life. She has been with them for 8 years already. She is very satisfied with what she is doing as her advocacy is to bring financial literacy to every Filipino and to learn how we can secure our future. She said that being a Sun Life Financial Advisor was fulfilling. It doesn’t feel like work, but more of an advocacy.

At the end of the forum, I realized a lot of things and here are my takeaways after that day…

1. It is never too early to start securing your future, and unless you are a senior citizen (due to medical requirements), it is never too late either. For me, almost nearing 40, I still have 20 more years to go before I retire. That is if I plan to retire by 60 years old. All I need to do is start now!

2. There is a financial product for everyone that can help you secure your future. All you need to do is just ask a financial advisor. Talking to a financial advisor will help you learn about many things with regards to financial planning and investing. Self-learning can help, but a financial advisor can help you choose what is right for you and your budget. It saves time and talking to one is definitely free.

3. Financial Literacy is a must. Every Filipino must learn how to do financial planning to avoid having sandwich generations. The hard toil never ends if financial planning is not done right. So to make your retirement years comfortable, start doing financial planning as soon as possible.

CDO Bloggers with Sun Life Speakers and Organizers

So, if you want to #LiveBrighter, contact a Sun Life Financial Advisor in your area today. But if you are here in Cagayan de Oro City, you may contact Ms. Franchette M. Mejia – Unit Manager of Sun Life Financial of Narra Branch at the following:

Office Phone no.: (08822) 726-252
Mobile No.: 0905-441-64-65

Office Address:
Narra New Business Office
2/F Phil 1st Insurance Bldg.,
Pres. Aguinaldo cor. J.R. Borja Sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City

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