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A Call to Remember

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I remembered when I called my hubby a few weeks ago. I asked him why would he not allow my friend sell some of the remaining appliances and the dining room furniture we have there. The amount would be very useful in paying some debts and buying new items here.
He told me that he wouldn’t allow it because he has no plans for us to stay here in my parent’s place. He wants us to go back after a year. After he told me that, I became hopeful again. Maybe leaving him there alone have made him realize that we are of real value and not to be taken for granted.

So, after that, I asked him if he took good care of our dining room chairs. My mom gave it to us as a wedding gift and I didn’t want it to be placed just anywhere else. They weren’t that beautiful but surely I wouldn’t replace it that easily. Not unless of course, if he hubby buys me a dining room furniture that looks similar to those from spacify.com. Then my hubby replied it’s OK.After the call, I just sat down and asked myself if there is really something to look forward after a year here. Oh well, there must be!

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