A Clean Home

As of the moment, my husband is unemployed. Therefore, I am the current breadwinner of our family and because of this, there are some household chores that I could not perform and most often than not it is related to house cleaning! There are times that our house looked like a hurricane passed by it. Toys, books and other stuffs are scattered everywhere.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think of hiring home cleaners like those house cleaning Vienna maids who are known to be efficient and spotless with their work. But since I don’t have the budget, I try to delegate to my husband or my kids.

Though I am a work at home mom and rarely gets house visitors, I still prefer a clean surrounding because having a well kept home can really contribute to my peace of mind and work productivity. So if they can’t clean the house, I have no choice but to clean the house first before I work anything out!

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