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School has started for some college students today for the school year 2010 – 2011, luckily mine hasn’t started yet. I have one more week to lurk, bum and do anything I want. There are times that it bores me to death staying at home but I’d rather have that feeling that be killed with school works and meet deadlines. Yea, I know, it somehow sucks to be a student. But whatever, I’ll graduate soon! Aja!

When I was pigging out this afternoon a friend texted me and asks for some help. She is a 2nd year tourism student at one great University in the Philippines and she told me that they’re professor gave them an assignment, such tough for the first day. They were tasked to translate some french to english to tagalog paragraph. I have really no idea about french but I don’t want to just leave her and let her do her assignment alone so I tried to look around the net and I found a website which offers translation services.

I think it really is a good website because it doesn’t offer a standard service de traduction like other sites you can find on the internet but they do offer the best and professional translation services. Such a luck to find the site. We’ve tried their service and we didn’t know that it can take that fast! We we’re able to get the translated paragraph the next morning! Just exact the subject of my friend.

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