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A Genie Princess Landed on PMO

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It’s been awhile since this stay at home mommy of yours got an award. Now, I am totally blest with tons of them! Of course, I am so happy right now. If you could see my smile, the edges of my lips have already reached my ears. LOL!!Anyway, these awards were really given to me few days ago. Just got busy doing some serious clicking and dropping the other day and still is now. This award was given to me by a Genie Princess. Yeah! I am not kidding mind you. She is indeed a Genie Princess. Yup! You are right, no other cute gal – Mariuca!I really admire her. After all what she’s been thru around her neighborhood (a falling man from 16th floor and the recent fire incident), she still remembers how to make her friends smile by giving blog awards and I am one of those proud recipients. Thank you very much Genie Princess for these wonderful awards!!

And now…these are the awards I got:

You Cheer Me Up Award

You Inspire Me Award
Cool Cat Award

Friendship Award

Friendly Blogger Award

Special Friend Award

Arte y Pico Award


Excellent Award

XXtraordinary Blogger Award

Best Blogger Award

Daily Blogger Award

Sharing The Love Award


Grade AA Award

To whom am I passing these awards?? Well, let see… hmmm. It’s really hard to think right now. Maybe I will announce it later OK!! HE HE HE HE…. Just to make it more exciting!!
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Mariuca July 4, 2008 - 1:13 pm


Ruby! I’ve been feeling so down today cause of what u mentioned here and other stuff too, but your post really made me smile! Thanks so much for appreciating GP and all the lovely awards here. Congrats to u Ruby and thank u too for the linky love! HUGS!!! :):):)


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