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A Great Oppotunity in Blog Advertising


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While I was surfing the internet last year, I came across a video clip from one of the famous talk shows here in the Philippines. The talk show host was talking about a person who was involved with blog advertising.
I really never understood the concept why companies advertise on blogs until, I became a blogger myself. Blogging is an online way of rambling your own thoughts to your friends and families. It’s like talking a lot! Talking about anything that happened or express opinions on products or services that have been encountered. If you talk about particular products or services in the offline world, it’s we called “word-of-mouth” advertising but when your online it’s called blog advertising. People blog about it!

So, advertisers are looking for ways to get connected with bloggers. They want that the blogger will post his or her opinion on the products and the services that they offer. It’s a way of spreading the good news the natural way.

Since I will be resigning in few weeks time, to get paid for blogging is definitely a good choice. I consider it as a great opportunity since I already love to blog. It’s a way to augment income while staying at home with the kids.


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stev & emz February 2, 2008 - 8:40 am

hi Pinay Mommy! I got a very interesting tag for ya. hope u visit my blog and check it out. this is the LINK . tnx! have a happy weekend!!

dollarbabe - www.onlinersclub.net February 2, 2008 - 5:58 pm

Hello Pinaymommy,

I share your sentiment. I have been in such a situation too when it comes to hardships, although in a different scenario, but there are times when God do test our strength on how tough we could be on holding on to Him. It may be hard for you and your family right now, but for sure your kids will really appreciate it that you will be staying with them. It may be hard for now but just hold on to your dream and don’t give up. For sure God has other plans for you. Sometimes there are things that seems to darken our life but we just don’t realize its just one of the many blessings in disguise that He has for us so we would appreciate life more. Take care always and if there is anything I can help, you know where to find me. God bless!


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