A Miraculous Day to Graduate


If you are a follower of my oldest blog, Pinay Mommy Online, you know that my eldest daughter has asthma. She has been hospitalized several times and the recent one was last July 2017.

Just this Sunday, April 8, 2018, I rushed her again to the hospital. She was having an asthma attack and I feared that she will have a respiratory failure. Breathing for her is getting difficult by the minute. Thankfully, the hospital E.R. staff was quick to respond. She was assessed and given adequate attention. Her breathing didn’t change instantly but we were just relieved to be inside the hospital where nurses and doctors can respond immediately.

After a while, my daughter began to worry. She didn’t want to get admitted because surely she won’t be able to attend her graduation ceremony. Monday, April 9, was a holiday and getting discharged would be very hard for us. Her graduation was scheduled at 8:00 AM, Tuesday, April 10. So I talked to the doctor, asking her if there is anything she can do. She said that all we can do is wait to see if she improves and responds to the medicines. She also had us signed a waiver for refusing admission.

We prayed and asked for prayers as well. I really wanted her to experience her Senior High School graduation. I don’t want her to miss it. And to cut the story short, after 33 hours of staying in the hospital E.R., she was able to recover and improve dramatically. It was miraculous. She recovered just in time. Well, she still has coughs and colds, but her breathing became normal again. At 6:00 in the morning, Tuesday, April 10, she was given a go signal to go home and take medicines.

So instead of going home directly, we checked in a hotel. I opted for her to continue resting as we prepare for her graduation. After a few hours of resting, we started preparing and then went to the event center where her school’s graduation ceremony was.

She arrived late, but she got there with enough time before her name was called to the stage. And to be honest, I cried when her name was called. I can’t help it. ? Seeing her on stage triggered a surge of emotions. Crying was my only abrupt answer.

As I mentioned from my previous post, her journey moving towards her graduation wasn’t easy as well. We encountered a lot of hardship but I thank the Lord she was able to endure it. And we were close call to not seeing her on stage, but God has saved us again. His miraculous help really did wonders for us. I thank Him dearly for this unmerited favor. It was indeed a miraculous day to graduate!

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