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A Mother’s Guide to Pet Home Care

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Mothers are busy women. Right from changing nappies of their young ones to monitoring their children’s education, mothers usually take care of everything at home. And when they have pets at home, the responsibilities just never seem to end.

So what should you, as a mother do, to maintain your pets well while doing the regular motherly tasks? Here’s a quick guide. Read on…

Keep Your Pets Indoor

One of the most vital tips is not to have your pet on one corner of the house and your children on the other corner. It would save you from excess of juggling from here and there and provide you with a quick access to both.

Sometimes the pet require as much as attention of yours as your children do and being there when he/she needs you is the least you can do.

Keep Your Child’s Medicine Away

Recent studies have suggested that under no circumstances should a pet be given human drugs. In fact, human drugs are among the top 10 pet toxins, therefore, always try and keep your children’s medicine away from your pets and prevent them from consuming it.

The best is to keep the medicines in a shelf or a drawer and lock it up once you use the medicines.

Prepare Your Children & Pet’s Food Simultaneously

The key to successfully taking care of your children and pets is to do things for both simultaneously. Once you’re know that your child and your pet are not hungry, you’ll have abundant time to rest and perform other cores. Therefore, whether it’s their food or bath or playtime, try and do it simultaneously or back to back. It will help you stay focused and organized.

Get Things in Bulk

With kids and pets at home, your shopping experience can get really hectic. In such scenarios, the easiest way to get some relief is to purchase things in bulk. So, whether it is your child’s food or pet’s food and get it in large quantity and store it.

We usually get a minimum of three months of food items, clothes and cleaning items. It prevents us from frequent shopping and also helps in staying financially more efficient.  Although getting three months of food might look a bit costly, it would only allow you to be stress-free for a quarter of the year. Imagine shopping only 4 times in a year for your child care and pets? A lot of popular America’s pet stores provide attractive discounts too on bulk purchase and on selected items.

Dedicate a Place for Their Games

Both kids and pets love playing and having fun but sometimes their fun activities leaves the house with a lot of mess. Therefore, for proper maintenance of your home, make sure you assign a specific place for their games. Let them make a mess, run or hop in that dedicated space.

This will help you avoid additional cleaning, washing and dusting.

Have Regular Health Checkup

One thing that will save you a lot of time, money and energy is when your pet and child are healthy. So, make sure that you have their health checkups frequently to be happy and stress-free.

Being a mother and a pet owner can burn a lot of your energy, however, with the above tips, you should be able to tackle both the responsibilities quite effectively.

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