A Movie House in Our House

Who does not dream of having a big house? I would be lying if I say I am not. Of course I always tell my kids to be content with what they have, but like any other parent, I would want to provide my kids not only with what they need but what they want as well—without spoiling them, of course.

One of the things that I really dream about is to have a mini-movie theater right in our own house. It would be great not having to go to the movie house and pay so much if we could get the same feel right in our own abode! With home theater system speakers, I think the kids would be ecstatic knowing that they could watch movies anytime, for free, with the movie house feel! Of course I would not mind serving some popcorns and drinks!

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  • Jasmin

    Before, I also aimed to have our movie house in our home. But luckily, my brother became a top agent for a quarter in their company and he was given a home theater system as part of his commission. When watching movies with it, it was like you are in the big theater.

  • Be Happy Tips

    oh a home theater is so expensive, not sure if its worth the money. i’m a little pressured because my husband wants one. but i always tell him, we’ll buy that once we can conveniently pay it on cash.

  • Donna Jane Marcuap

    My tita from Dubai arrived and bring home a Home theater for my grandma and grandpa, it’s really good to have one in the house 🙂

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