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As I have previously posted before, if I am not busy farming or attending my resto, I am either plurking or twittering! I have enjoyed making and reading micro-blogging entries from my friends locally and around the world. What best is when you are online with them; you will get info on the latest news and current events. One of this latest news I got from plurking is about Sandbox.


Sandbox is like any other social networking websites with a huge plus to offer to its user. It has services like friendster but with online store. You can create profile and share them with your friends. You can also upload photos, videos and even can create blog posts.

Sandbox also offers services like facebook but with online store. You can download games and music for only 30 pesos per song which is of course, much cheaper compared with iTunes. If you are in the Philippines, you don’t have to worry because you are definitely allowed to do so because Sandbox is locally developed here in the Philippines but accessible by everyone worldwide! You don’t have to worry when you download games and music because the amount will be deducted to your outstanding prepaid credits or can be billed on your next postpaid bill and it’s in pesos, not in dollars. No need of a credit card.

Sandbox also has a DigiSoria which is an online store where you can buy and even sell almost anything and where you can interact with other members too!

I am not yet that very familiar of the many benefits Sandbox has to offer but after I registered, I can feel how user-friendly the platform is. It’s easy to explore and experiment. And besides, it is still in beta so probably there is more change and improvements in the future. That means more benefits for its members!

Oh, did I mention that registration is free?? Yup, you can register and test it yourself at Registration process only takes a few minutes! See you there!

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