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A New Way to Gloo!

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Just last year, I have seen many blog reviews about the latest feature introduced by Globe Broadband. It is a web application that allows family and friends to collaborate with each other using pictures, videos, notes and even doodles in real time. This web application is called Gloo.

Since I have seen many positive reviews from my friends, I decided to open an account to see for myself what Gloo really is. Besides, opening a Gloo account is for free!

After I got my account with Gloo, I immediately created my own space or canvass to place all my personal thoughts on. I made a note about my New Year’s resolution which is like a post-it plastered on a bulletin board. Then I also placed a photo of my children which was imported from Facebook! And of course, I didn’t want to miss the chance to doodle with my friend, Mommy Dharlz, who is in Cagayan de Oro City in real time!

By the way, Gloo is not a social media site. It is more of a real-time online tool which you can use as a collaboration space for families and friends who lived in other places. It can also be a family space wherein kids whose parent’s are working abroad can find time to interact with each other. It can also be a space for groups to place their ideas while having an online meeting. It can be a barkada message board, online bulletin board and many more. The possibility of using Gloo are endless!

If want to know more, you can always inquire about Gloo by visiting their website at www.Gloo.com.ph or at the Globe Broadband website. But as for me, there is no greater way to experience Gloo but to enjoy it by yourself. So I suggest, open an accound with your friends and family now!

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