A Possible Place for Retirement

I might have mentioned on several occasions that I would love to retire somewhere away from the city and all the noise, pollution and traffic, not to mention them all steel buildings and endless concretes. If I could I would like to retire where fresh air comes plenty, along with loads of greeneries and fresh produce. I would love to have a small cottage in a quaint place with my very own garden patch in the yard. Iā€™d tend to my tomatoes, eggplants, okras, along with a host of colorful flowering plants in the morning. That ought to be very relaxing and therapeutic. This reminds me I really have to work hard so I can have that dream retirement for when I am older.

13 thoughts on “A Possible Place for Retirement

  1. this a possible place for retirement life…..
    I would love to have a small cottage for retirement life style….

  2. Funny, my husband just asked me where do I want to retire. Though its kinda hard to think of the things you may want to do about 20 yrs or so from now, but I would like to have a place away from the city, maybe near a beach that we could really relax and experience a real retirement. šŸ™‚

  3. Wow. That’s great , I have experience living like that in the province and it was fun and relaxing šŸ™‚

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