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A Single Mom’s Basic Guide to Online Dating

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Being a single mom has so many rewards but can also be a challenge when it comes to romantic relationships. Maybe you’re ready to start dating again but have a very busy schedule. Perhaps you’re apprehensive about bringing anyone new into your children’s lives. Online dating can be a great option for mom’s in either of these situations. When it comes to the facts about online dating there are a number of things to consider before you take the leap – here is an introductory guide to help you along.

Building your Profile

It is a good idea to include multiple photos in your profile including a head shot, a full body shot and a photo of you engaged in a hobby. Ask a friend or family member to help choose the most flattering images or to take some specially for the purpose. Don’t include photos with your kids- the profile is about you not the whole family.

Should you mention your kids in your profile? Yes. Dates who are put off by this probably aren’t the kind of men you want in your life long term anyway. This doesn’t mean your profile has be to all about your kids- mention them but focus on you, your interests and your personality first and foremost.

Keep the profile blurb light and ask for a friend’s help when it comes to describing yourself- they are often better at listing our positive qualities.

Online Safety

Don’t include any personal details such as phone number, email address, street address or name in your profile. These things should only be revealed way down the line when you are confident a prospective date is trustworthy.

For initial contact send all messages though the dating site. When you are ready to talk to a date on the phone, set up a number through Skype or Google Voice for that purpose. You can have the calls redirected to your cell.

If you do decide to meet a date then it should be in a public place during the day. Always tell a friend or family member where you are.

Most dating sites have a page with tips on building your profile so read over all of the advice they have to offer before you join up. By building an attractive yet honest profile and staying safe you could soon be back in the dating game.

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