A Special Day of Gratitude

Today is a very special day for me. I may not have everything that I have wanted (a complete happy family) but I believed God has plans for me.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Creator for another year in my life. He has been very faithful in my life!…my parents for bringing me here on earth and nurtured me until I grew up to be the woman as I am; for the support and staying beside me in my decisions.

…my children for making me smile always. They just simply take my breath away.

…my hubby for making me a strong woman that I am.

…my half-siblings for treating me as your baby ever since. I am grown-up now, OK.

…my friends, offline and online, for being supportive in so many ways.Thank you very much for celebrating this special day with me! Please enjoy the food. he he he he…

  1. Anonymous
  2. chinita
  3. charm
  4. LxndreaSB
  5. Pinay WAHM
  6. Pinay WAHM
  7. ces
  8. Crissy
  9. Vhiel
  10. mjsterling
  11. janet
  12. mxyzplk
  13. Pamela Kramer
  14. JesuLalaine
  15. Mommy Elvz
  16. Xee
  17. Dhadha™
  18. Pearl
  19. Scotty's Princess
  20. faeryrowan
  21. elaine
  22. pink
  23. chorva
  24. carlamaldita
  25. {girl}forallstatus
  26. Michelle
  27. wandering elephant
  28. Kcee
  29. Hawksdomain
  30. Matthew S. Urdan
  31. Z'riz
  32. Jomari
  33. Ana, Chica & Pumuckl
  34. eastcoastlife
  35. AbBy

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