A Tourist in My Own Country

Yes, the owner of this blog is obviously a PROUD FILIPINO. I was born and raised at the northern part of Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. But sadly, I haven’t toured or been to many places here in our country. This is the reason why I call myself a TOURIST.

I am not a hypocrite. I still want to tour other countries to see and experience other cultures but I also want to explore my own country. I want to see the see the Underground River in Palawan, the white beaches of Boracay, the windmills in Ilocos, the Banaue Rice Terraces, and so many more. I want to see them all and experience the exciting sights and sounds that my own country has to offer.

Since birth, I have been to some places but according to this cute travel grader found at the left, I scored C- in Philippine travel. And honestly, I wish to score at least B- or B+ in the next few years. I am just hoping that there will be many cheap flights available so it will be easier for me to travel.

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