A Treat for Myself

Last time, I thought of buying some clothes and a piece of jewelry for myself this Christmas. I think it is just fair that I give myself a treat or a gift after working hard throughout the year. It is also a reward for me for winning many battles for myself and for my family. I did start setting aside some money so that I can buy myself something when December comes.

Why December? Well, I guess I just want to get into the season of giving so I thought that this was the best time to give to myself.

But then again, I thought maybe I could get another treat. Why not indulge my senses in the relaxing atmosphere of a spa? Maybe I could get a hair cellophane treatment, a body scrub with massage and a nanocleanse. All in all, maybe everything will last five hours! But well, that would really give me the break that I need and I know that I will come out refreshed and raring to fight again.

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