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A Tribute to Mothers

This tag was given by my fellow mom – Mommy Hailey. Thanks Mommy Hailey!

Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I guess I am neither too early nor too late to post this one. This post goes out to all my blogger friends!! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your (ehem..our) day!!
Rules :
1. Just choose any mother’s day graphics from zwani to greet the mommies you know.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other mommies you know.

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This is really hard…I have a lot of mommy friends and when I visited their blogs, most of them have this king of tag already. So, I am sharing this to few for now but if you like doing this, please tag along too!

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Enjoy Mommies!!

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3 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mothers

  1. HI Mommy Ruby!

    I think you’re the first one to greet me for Mother’s Day.

    Happy Mother’s day to you, too! 🙂 *mwaaaaahhh!!*

  2. hello kaau akong feeling..salamat kaau sa tag..will post it tomorrow nalang ha. On the date! lol!

    anyways, salamat kaayo sa comment. Jeff, the author of the video was Jim’s friend and workmate..He’s a composer/singer. He was happy to have read all your comments..salamat kaau…happy mother’s day sad sa imo..TC!

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