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A Useful Tool for Every Blogger

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Are you fond of tweaking your blog? Do you want to change colors to personalize a free theme? If yes, I bet you have one problem. Let me guess… COLOR CODES!!

Well for me, it was but now…not anymore. Thanks to AdesClrPicker! I can now capture the exact color codes of anything found on my screen…be it link color, image color, sidebar color…any color that I want to tweak I can capture it easily thus making my image or blog editing easy!

Question: Do we have to pay?
Answer: Nope! You can download this lightweight software absolutely FREE!!
Question: Is it clean?

Answer: Yes! I have been using this software for months now and I haven’t experienced any problems. The software is 100% clean. No adware! No spyware!

Question: Is it easy to use?
Answer: Yes! I didn’t even read the manual when I started to explore it.

Sounds great isn’t it? So, don’t get left behind. Test this FREE DOWNLOADABLE software today!

To download, please visit: www.adesclrpicker.com.

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