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Aching Bones and Muscles


Late November of this year, I have been suffering from a very excruciating left knee and upper back pain. I don’t really know what causes these aching bones and muscles. My mom said it might be arthritis or rheumatism. My dad says it might be calcium deficiency. My son calls it “stress.” Whatever it is, it really hurts most of the time. It made me think of a spine surgery Mexico type of operation.

Anyway, I am taking calcium capsules for a week now and hopefully next year I will be hitting the gym to get some of my body toxins to be sweated out. Maybe having a healthier diet will be a great combat for this and also a little change of lifestyle.

Oh well, I just hope the pain would go soon. It hurts even when I am sitting down. 🙁

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  • lilyruth

    I do hope your feeling better I do know about thos aching pains they hurt so much I have them all the time in my back with this spine disorder I cannot get way from the pain unless my doctor gives me some pain pills and then they still do not stop the pain completely this is why I do not blog like I use to I cannot sit down for long lengths of time. So I do hope your pain is not serious nd after you take your calcum pills you will feel better. Want to wish you nd yours a Happy New Year and also know I invite you to visit me on my blogs and click on my adgitize ads i have clicked on yours while I was here. Take care and God bless. Hugs @lilruth

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