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Let’s face it. We are always judged according to how we look physically. We may not be celebrities but being in whatever active world we belong, we should look good in the most possible way we can. Take this for example: When one is a teacher, he/she should always presentable otherwise his/her students will make fun of her without his/her knowledge. As a matter of fact, it is a must for everyone who deals with clients to look good and pleasing to win their hearts thus winning their trust. Moms like me are never exempted because it is at this point in our lives that we keep ourselves more beautiful not for the sake of anyone else but for our own selves.


The good news is Proactiv has already arrived Philippines to give us the skin that we have always wanted. What makes this different from other skin care products is that it actually comes in kit system wherein you can choose to avail of the 30-day kit or the 60-day kit package which gives us the freedom to choose which system that works for us. Our active activities make us prone to many skin problems and it is really disheartening to look at the mirror with so many dots because we have been working too hard and we don’t have time to take care of our face. If you are that person who has always lived with pimples then now is your chance to bid them farewell. Proactiv might just be your solution to pimples.

Guess what? The latest endorser joining the bandwagon of Proactiv stars is Justin Beiber. With his busy lifestyle and at his acne prone – age, Justin Beiber confessed that Proactiv has become his redeemer. Here’s his personal testimony.

But the coolest thing is, Proactiv Solution is joining this Beiber fever that started last month until October and they’re giving away the much talked about Justin Beiber’s Girlfriend Perfume and Laptop Case. Cool right? All you need to do for a chance to win is to purchase your Proactiv Kit so you will have the chance to win these exciting Beiber items.

Here’s the Promo Mechanics:

PROMO PERIOD: August 15 – October 15, 2012 RAFFLE DATE: October 19, 2012 HOW TO JOIN

Customer can buy either a Proactiv 30-day Kit or Proactiv 60-day kit from any of the participating outlets. Door to Door delivery Hotlines (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888), customer’s given Account Name as per Proactiv’s official Customer Database shall be entitled with the raffle entry.

Proactiv mall kiosks: i. Glorietta, Ground Floor ii. Trinoma, 2nd Floor iii. Robinsons Galleria, 3rd Floor iv. Marquee Mall, Ground Floor All Watsons’ outlets or SM Department Store branches 2. For purchases at Proactiv mall Kiosks, customer must fill-out the Official Raffle Entry Form with the following details: Customer Name: Customer Address: Customer Contact Number: Product Purchased: Date of Purchase: OR Number: Signature of Customer: Signature of Promodizer: The Official Raffle Entry Form must be submitted to the Proactiv Promodiser in charge to qualify for the raffle. For purchases at Watsons or SM Department Stores – Customers can read the promo mechanics posted in Proactiv Solution Philippines Facebook Page. Customer needs to send a scanned copy of their Watsons or SM Official Receipt together with their name and contact number to any of the following addresses: Email: Fax No.: 02 – 729- 4444 Regular Mail: ATTN: Proactiv Solution, 17F, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave cor Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City *** Top American Products Solution Inc must receive the entry before the raffle date, October 19, 2012. All entries received after the raffle date will be automatically disqualified. Customer must buy any of the participating Proactiv kit SKUs within the prescribed promo period. Purchases of Proactiv Kits outside the promo period are not eligible to have a raffle entry equivalent. If a customer avails of the standard limited Money back Guarantee that comes with every Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit, this forfeits the subsequent activation of his or her raffle ticket entry. If the customer won and subsequently availed of the Money Back Guarantee after claiming the prize, the actual cost of the perfume and the laptop bag will be deducted to the refund value. Every purchase of Proactiv Solution 30-day kit is equivalent to one (1) Raffle Entry and every purchase of Proactiv Solution 60-day kit is equivalent to two (2) Raffle Entries CONDITIONS OF THE PRIZE

• The Prize is not convertible to cash and or other Proactiv products. • Winners from Metro Manila must personally pick up the prize at Top American Products Solution, Inc office (17th Flr. Tower 2, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala cor. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City Philippines) and present a valid ID and official receipt upon claiming.

• For winners outside Metro Manila, they can claim the prize personally or request for the prizes to be mailed subject to compliance to the following conditions:

1. They need to provide a valid email address capable to receive ff: (1) Acknowledgement Receipt, (2) Waiver of Rights for marketing promotion. Customer must print, sign, and email back these two documents.

2. Customer must attach to this email a scanned copy of any Government issued ID, plus a close-up photo to be used for future Proactiv Solution marketing materials.

3. They need to provide the correct mailing address. Top American Products Solutions Inc. will shoulder the mailing expense for the prizes. Any return to sender event will forfeit the prize.

4. Failure to comply with all of these conditions for winners outside Metro Manila will cause forfeiture of prize without further notice.

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  • Pinx

    i think i need this Proactiv kit… i have been wishing all my life to have a flawless complexion but i guess it will never become a reality… hehehe… but maybe, Proactiv might help me achieve that.

  • Chie

    I’ve been fighting with pimples for a year now it think. i used to have smooth face and this pimple started to come out just last year. I believed i started experiencing the aging process. I would love to try this product, maybe this is the solution to my pimple probs.

  • Jessica Cassidy

    For some reason I get the pimple recently. it is very big too. I am glad that I do not touch it. I let nature help itself. This Proactiv is perfect for my cousin who has a severe acne problem. How I wish that I bring one for her 🙁

  • jesie

    I was thinking of using it before when I had a break out of acne during my first pregnancy but I never did because you have to order it online or on TV. And moreover, now justin is with it. I bet a lot of young girls will be using this!

  • Vernz@ Best Style Tech

    I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about this… but I can’t afford it hehe.. been tempted to buy one but have to set priorities Mommy 🙂 budget always goes to tuition.. in time have extra I want to try this 🙂

  • marie

    This is good it keeps the breakout under control through the day, this light lotion is great for my face. Salicylic Acid gets to the source of the problem to dry up blemishes and help prevent blackheads and whiteheads. but now i used it not often because i tired. d nako permi gamit kpoyan na.

  • emzkie

    im always curious about this pro Active. i saw a lot of these at the mall, they have a vending machine there that cost a bit more than regular facial beauty products. i would love to try this but i find it expensive for just one bottle.

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