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Active Online but Not Here

I have not been very active in the past few days here except the time when I messed up my blog template. Well, the reason is I was very busy with my major online project – that is transferring my blogger hosted blog to my very own web hosting account and transferring my domain to my very own GoDaddy account. And guess what!! I have successfully done it all!Check out my Mommy Emotes blog at! If you remember, it was hosted by blogger before? Now it’s already a WordPress blog! Anyway, I have to convert a few more of my blogs to WordPress and to my own web hosting. I need to save up some money first.

If you can’t find me here, you may want to visit my other blogs like my red one – The Ruby Posts, my contest blog – I Luv Contests and my money making blog – Moolah Musings. By the way, I can also be found lurking at your blogs every now and then.

So, what have you been up to?

2 thoughts on “Active Online but Not Here

  1. Hi Mommy Ruby,

    Pareho tayo – haven’t been very active lately but hopefully after the holidays I would have more time.For now I am taking it easy and try to enjoy family time with my husband.

    Advance Happy Holidays!

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