Addicted to Blog Makeovers!!

If there are women who were born to be shopaholics – who buys clothes impulsively when they sees them… well, I might be one of them but I don’t shop for my own clothes. I shop for my blog’s clothes!! Yup that is right!! Aside from being a domainaholic (a person who avidly buys domains), I am also a blog makeover addict!!

Since January of this year, I have been ordering blog makeovers from almost everyone I know. And as of the moment, this blog is the newest recipient of my addiction! Thanks to the ever talented Ryanne of Collective Thoughts.

So, speaking of makeovers and such, I have a new badge at my sidebar, would you love to exchange badges with me? 😉

10 thoughts on “Addicted to Blog Makeovers!!

  1. Haha, same tau Ate Rubz addicted sa blog makeover kaya when I feel bored at walang magawa eh tweak tweak…thank you for trusting my talent kuno, haha. Thank you also for the linky…^_^

  2. Nice makeover, Mommy!

    U know what? everytime u share to the public another working or earning blog, id simply sigh..sana mag work from home na din ako. lol! But i know i can’t do it mommy. Siguro if single lang ako id resign from my work na ora orada gid. hehehe

  3. wow thats is super duper nice.. you are our idol kaya ubay ubay na pud ako domain.. thanks to you our domain and blog fairy.

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