Aftermarket Upgrades: No Diesel Truck is Complete Without Them


Diesel pickup trucks are renowned for their ability to pull extremely heavy loads. Diesel 4-wheel-drive trucks are also some of the most capable off-road vehicles on the planet. However, every diesel pickup truck can be improved by installing a few upgrades. Here are a few of the must-have upgrades for a diesel pickup truck.

EGR Cooler

Most stock EGR coolers are prone to premature failure. Not only does a faulty EGR cooler contribute to a decreased performance on the road, but it also increases the chances of the entire EGR system becoming overheated. High-quality EGR coolers are engineered to last for many years to come. Unlike the factory unit, an aftermarket EGR cooler is much less likely to experience any coolant leaks from the housing.

Upgraded Braking System

The brakes are arguably the most important safety component on a diesel truck. If the braking system is inadequate, the overall safety of the truck is compromised. A high-end brake kit will ensure that the truck always has the optimum amount of stopping power. Although the performance of the brakes is vital during all driving situations, the need for an effective braking system becomes even more critical when hauling hefty loads.

Heavy-Duty Suspension System

The factory suspension system is perfectly suitable for basic driving applications. However, drivers who have intentions of driving their vehicle off-road will need to upgrade to a heavy-duty unit. The enhanced ruggedness of the suspension system will enable the truck to topple a variety of harsh terrains.

Cold Air Intake

The factory air box usually restricts the amount of power than is produced by the engine. A diesel engine’s performance is dependent upon a steady supply of fresh air. Unlike the restrictive factory air box, a cold air intake is designed to be as free-flowing as possible. By simply replacing the bulky air box with a cold air intake, the overall power output can be increased by 20 percent. The installation of the cold air intake also frees up a lot of extra space in the engine bay.

Performance Programmer

A performance programmer gives the river the ability to adjust the performance parameters of the truck. The shifts points of the transmission and the power delivery of the engine can be easily changed via the programmer. Sites such as offer even more enhancements for a diesel truck.

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  • Penda Penn

    I don’t have a diesel truck (thank God). I don’t know how to drive stick T.T but thank you for sharing! When I finally learn to one day, I’ll check back! That braking system sounds very useful especially when needed (like when somebody appears out of no where)

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