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My hubby and I are movie addicts, not only for self entertainment but as a hobby that we love doing together. We watch an average of 10 movies a week. We go to movie houses or buy our own BlueRay DVD copy of old movies that we might miss or we want collect.

Of course, we love movies that have great cinematic effects, excellent actors and actresses, and of course a good story line. And since our children have also developed this kind of hobby we have, we also make an effort to watch or buy movies that teaches moral lessons.

Anyway, speaking about movies, I saw a trailer at YouTube that caught my fancy. It’s a family movie that has moral values in it. From the title itself, “All Roads Lead Home The Movie” is already captivating. I am sure it has a great story line and has moral values. You can already see it from its title and trailer.

If you want to check it out, below is a trailer of the movie. You can clearly see that the story is indeed heartwarming and can really inspire families together!

I believe this movie would be great watch with the whole family!

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